Information on Massage

Massage Therapist BansteadMassage is an ancient healing art, which has been practiced for thousands of years. Massage spans many cultures and each has brought its own unique style to massage. The one thing they all share is the universal ability to influence well-being.

Research is on going in the benefits of massage and it is thought to improve the immune system. Clients should suffer less from the symptoms of viruses such as coughs, colds and flu and Alison’s clients believe that massage aids their immune system to deal with such viruses and bacteria.

Digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and diverticulitis can also be eased by the gentle touch of massage, bringing calm to the smooth muscle spasm, the relief of pain and release of restricted bowel movement, which can be the cause of the pain.

The stimulation of the circulatory system can also be of immense benefit to the whole body in such ways as improving circulation to the extremities, transporting nutrient filled blood to areas of need such as injury and aiding the elimination of waste and toxin build up which can aggravate the nervous system, causing pain.

Head MassageToday’s lifestyle and working environments bring about many stressors to our lives and it is now widely acknowledged that stress is a major contributor to ill health and poor mental and physical performance. Massage is a therapy that has the ability to affect how the body responds to stress by the relaxing effect it creates.

These are just a few of the ways in which massage can improve well-being, assist the body in its own healing ability and enhance your life and how you live it. Discover the holistic effects on the mind, body and spirit and feel the calm it creates within.